Manjari Sankurathri Memorial Foundation

Anjali (Age 12) writes…

Although I have done many stage performances, this fundraiser has made me as ecstatic as the day of my Arangetram. Helping raise money for the Manjari Sankurathri Memorial Foundation makes me feel extraordinary. The fact that this art form is helping a girl in India read a book just overflows my heart with glee and joy. This was the chance to feel how awesome it is to do community service. Community service is the way to give back to the society and I feel like I can give a lot more. I hope that I have helped in any way I could. It was a great privilege to raise funds for the Manjari Sankurathri Foundation.

Ramya (Age 16) writes…

Service for my community has always been emphasized throughout my many years in school; here, it is not uncommon to see many teenagers searching for a place to volunteer to fulfill their school requirements. Yet, unlike the majority, I somehow managed to develop a passion for service along the way. What initially started out as a simple need to fulfill requirements eventually became a vital part of me that redefined my view on life. The never-ending thoughts of stress that pile on as I get closer towards college disappear after spending even one hour with these kids and watching their eyes light up in gratefulness and happiness.

Especially having grown up in a country where first-hand experience is limited, I truly think that this is a reason that I so deeply value what Manjari Sankurathri Memorial Foundation is working to accomplish; it is striving for a goal that will better the community, a goal I believe everybody should adopt. It is creating a caring and safe environment for everyone, providing a chance for excellence for everyone, helping bring everyone together.

For me, the term ‘service’ never lost its original appeal; in fact, the spark only seemed to glow brighter as time progressed. As a young adult, I hope to keep this spark alive through my own actions; perhaps our dance program lit the candle towards an auspicious start.