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Adavu - Dance Video Fees ($25)

Music Fees ($125)

Arangetram Prep Registration Fees ($575)

New Student registration steps:

  1. Click on Login/Register to create an account with Shri Krupa with the student name (not parent/guardian name) and an email id that is unique to the student and is frequently checked.
  2. Enter billing information with a valid Credit card and complete the account creation process.
  3. Once account creation is successful, please click on One-time fees, add the Music fees, Dance video Fees, to the cart, and proceed to make the payment.
  4. After the One-time fee payments, please click on the classes and select the class you want to sign up for. The contract signup fee is $25, and the fee payment is collected quarterly for all levels. The Graduation-Prep and Pre-Arangetram batches require permission from Guru Vishal Ramani. Please write to her at before signing up for these levels.
  5. Once you purchase the contract, please sign in for the class timings, so your student can attend the sessions in person at 12302 Saratoga Sunnyvale Rd, CA – 95014.
  6. Please reach out to for any questions/clarifications.