Our ensemble

Shri Krupa Dance Company Music Ensemble has evolved to consist of a Live Orchestra from it’s early years, having introduced this concept for the first time in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1981 and since then, there has been no looking back. The richness of music with delivery by world class artistes (many of them who were introduced to enthusiastic audiences for the very first time by Shri Krupa in the San Francisco Bay Area), is a masterful choice of it’s Artistic Director, Guru Vishal Ramani. Upon Choreography and creation of every program of Shri Krupa by Guru Vishal Ramani, it is accompanied by a Live Orchestra or by specially recorded music by artistes in Shri Krupa Music Studios in Chennai and Hyderabad, India.


Shri Krupa is proud to have been associated with such world class caliber Music Ensemble over all of it’s history thus far, and wishes to thank every one of them for their sense of dedication towards the art form and enlightening the lives of all Shri Krupa Dancers. A special mention is certainly to be made for those artistes, who in the early years of Shri Krupa, simply played for the “artistry” with no remuneration, the joy of the association and connection to their learning in a foreign land. We applaud and salute their commitment.