Our ensemble

Shri Gomati Nayagam

- Vocal

Gomathi Nayagam started learning carnatic music under the guidance of Guru. Sangeetha Kalanidhi B.Rajam Iyer. After 5 to 6 years of rigorous training he took advanced training under Smt. Ramani Baskar. He started singing professionally at the tender age of 13 in the presence of eminent singers like R.Vedavalli, O.S.Thyagarajan etc., He completed his master degree in Music in University of Madras in the year 1999. Initially he accompanied his Guru B.Rajam Iyer for music concerts and travelled all over India. He has given several vocal concerts throughout India and abroad which includes United States of America, Singapore, Canada and Paris. He finished his VIII Grade theory of Western Music and now he is the Certificate holder from Trinity college of Music, London. At present he is practising rare songs of Nadha Brahmmam Muthuswamy Dheekshidar. He has been awarded the title of Sangeetha Rathna conferred by Teachers college of Music, Music Academy, Chennai in the year 1991 and has received further prestigious awards and laurels since then. At present he is accompanying for almost all the senior dancers like, Padmabhushan.Alarmelvalli, Madurai.R. Muralidaran, Smt.Meenakshi Chitharanjan, Smt.Jayanthi Subramaniam. As an accompanying Singer to all these senior dancers, he has travelled all over India and abroad.