Guru Vishal Ramani has been serving arts enthusiasts for more than 30 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her efforts have been recognized by many organisations in located in the Bay area and around the world.

“Her commitment and adherence to the classicism of Bharatanatyam is commendable, and more so because it is taking place so far away from its native land,”
– Hindu, Rupa Srikanth, January 2006

“Vishal Ramani – a guru whose skills are lasting – through these youngsters – a testament to her teaching abilities”,
– Andhra Bhoomi, Hyderabad July2008

“Vishal Ramani needs to be highly commended, applauded for keeping the culture of India alive for over 30 years in the Bay area, her students are a testament to that achievement…excellent, superb skills in all aspects of Bharatanatyam………”,
– audience in capacity filled Ravindra Bharati, Hyderabad, July2008

“Vishal’s vivid choreography was enthralling. I am always keenly interested in seeing the interpretation of other Gurus. The varnam on Lord Muruga was mesmerizing and I felt I could keep on watching the dance, losing myself in the beauty of the stories being depicted”,
– Padma Shri Guru Adyar K. Lakshman, Thyaga Brahma Gana Sabha, Vani Mahal, Chennai, Jan2009