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Guru Shradha: A defining moment, a legend remembered. In Narthaki, June 5 2009.

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Poetry in Motion. Eucalyptus Magazine December 2009

Hindu Articles
The Hindu : Silver jubilee celebration
Jan 10, 2003 … Also celebrating its silver jubilee is Shri Krupa Dance Foundation established by Vishal Ramani in California…

The Hindu : Music Season / Dance : Captivates with agility and timing
Jan 10, 2006 … Maya Ramachandran, a disciple of Vishal Ramani who runs a dance school in California, is a prime example of excellence nurtured in the …

The Hindu : Friday Review Hyderabad / Dance : Garnering glory
Jul 25, 2008 … Vishal Ramani is their guru. She took with her the Tanjore tradition of the Pillai trio. The subject they chose for their performance at …

The Hindu : Friday Review Chennai / Dance : Vibrant, confident …
Mar 3, 2006 … A disciple of Vishal Ramani, Nitya has also trained in the Martha Graham technique of modern dance and in Flamenco as well. …

The Hindu : Entertainment Hyderabad / Dance : Young talent to the fore
Jun 17, 2005 … It also reflected the standard of her guru Vishal Ramani, who lives in the U.S.. The girl who was here to give a show with her excellent …

The Hindu : Young World / School Notes : Sharanya Balaji
Jan 20, 2009 … Sharanya Balaji, a disciple of Guru Smt Vishal Ramani (U.S.) has been learning dance for the last six years and performed her Arangetram …

The Hindu : Tamil Nadu News : Tributes to Papanasam Sivan
Dec 3, 2006 … He also gave away the best teacher award to Vishal Ramani, who is running a school for Bharatanatyam in San Francisco, for 30 years, …

The Hindu : Young World : Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Jan 20, 2009 … Sharanya Balaji, a disciple of Guru Smt Vishal Ramani (U.S.) has been learning dance for the last six years and performed her Arangetram …

The Hindu, Chennai, INDIA, March 3, 2006
“It is obvious that Nitya Venkateswaran loves to dance. An Indian American from California, she exhibits confidence that lends a sheen to every movement and expression.”
“At a macro level, Nitya makes a striking picture of grace, dignity, good posture and good footwork…”
“That Nitya stands out in a crowd is proof enough of her aptitude.”

The Hindu, Chennai, INDIA, March 3, 2006
“It is obvious that Nitya Venkateswaran loves to dance. An Indian American from California, she exhibits confidence that lends a sheen to every movement and expression.”
“At a macro level, Nitya makes a striking picture of grace, dignity, good posture and good footwork…”
“That Nitya stands out in a crowd is proof enough of her aptitude.”

The Hindu, Chennai, India, January 10, 2003
“Nitya Venkateswaran from California possesses an appealing blend of confidence and enthusiasm… Her short yet vibrant recital illustrated a keen involvement that was apparent in her good footwork, and keen rhythmic sense… Her perceptive portrayal in “Varugalamo” demonstrated a good sensitivity towards the protagonist and his pitiable condition”

Dinamalar (translated), Chennai, INDIA January 2002
“Nitya’s portrayal of Bhartiar’s song Shiva Shakti was excellent. Her abhinaya showed that she understood the inner meaning and brought it out with feeling. Her ending poses are still in front of my eyes.”

Dinathanthi (translated), Chennai, INDIA, January 2002
“Only when she talks you know that Nitya is foreign – her Dance is pure unadulterated Bharatanatyam.”

She(Sharanya Balaji) has been called a child prodigy by many in the field of dance“, Young World, January2009, Hindu

” Maya boasts a fair degree of fluency with the dance technique and a good understanding of the Hindu mythology. Her strengths are her unflagging energy and an intuitive sense of timing that sees her through the pure dance sequences with practised ease.” – Rupa Srikanth, The Hindu January 2006

Other Newspapers
Voice of Dance, San Francisco, USA, June 2005
“To open Saturday, Nitya Venkateswaran, a specialist in the South Indian classical dance form, Bharatanatyam, offered Shiva Shakti, a purification solo dedicated to Shiva’s consort. The erect postures, carefully placed fingers and meticulously bent legs bespoke mastery of craft…”

 In Dance, San Francisco, USA, March 2005
“Nitya displayed the traditionally prized qualities of a Bharatanatyam dancer, not the least of which was her witty self-possession on stage.”

“Nitya’s clean, crisp footwork easily accentuated the rhythms of the recorded ragas, particularly in the taxing varnam, a test of stamina for the dancer that can wear on the audience as well. However, her verbal introduction of the mimed dance movements- which took on the feeling almost of ASL simultaneous interpretation of the story – as well as Nitya’s highly communicative facial expressions kept the thread and mood of the stories coherent.”

San Jose Mercury Articles
Article 1 of 5, Article ID: 0807160050
Published on July 14, 2008, San Jose Mercury News (CA)
It began after a simple dance performance at Stanford University in 1977. Vishal Ramani had barely left the stage when several Indian immigrants approached her about teaching their children the ancient art form of their homeland.Since then, Ramani and her Shri Krupa Dance Company have become a means for Indian ex-pats in the valley to stay connected to a motherland thousands of miles away.”I feel like a cultural ambassador to India,

Article 2 of 5, Article ID: 0507300030
Published on July 29, 2005, San Jose Mercury News (CA)
When 11-year-old Maya Ramachandran takes the stage Saturday, she will be the youngest solo dancer in an annual summer series hosted by San Jose’s Shri Krupa Dance Foundation — the Bay Area’s oldest dance company of its kind. Her youth offers many benefits. The Fremont sixth-grader is limber, poised and eager to accept criticism that helps her perfect her steps in an ancient Indian classical art form called Bharatanatyam (pronounced bah-rot-NAH-tayam). And…

Article 3 of 5, Article ID: 0507170063
Published on July 16, 2005, San Jose Mercury News (CA)
Sejal Badani graduated from Santa Clara University with a marketing degree in December, but only now is she finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s because for the past eight months she has been training intensely for her arangetum — her solo debut in bharatanatyam, the classical dance of South India. ”It’s been chaotic,” says Badani, 21, as she sits on the floor watching class at the…

Article 4 of 5, Article ID: 0507170064
Published on July 16, 2005, San Jose Mercury News (CA)
The Shri Krupa Dance Company’s Summer Arts Festival includes a performance by the full company and a series of solo recitals over the next three months. Artistic director Vishal Ramani and the other professional dancers of the Shri Krupa Dance Company take the stage for Festival of Bharatanatyam on Sept. 4 at the Historic Hoover Theater, 1635 Park Ave., San Jose. But the solo recitals, or arangetum, make up the core of the festival. The dancers making their debuts range…

Article 5 of 5, Article ID: 0408270063
Published on August 26, 2004, San Jose Mercury News (CA)
Nitya Venkateswaran will perform in a bharatanatyam solo performance, “TEJAS — The Divine Radiance,” at 4 p.m Sunday at the Louis B. Mayer Theater on the Santa Clara University campus. Tickets are $10 and $15. A second generation Indo-American, Venkateswaran began her bharatanatyam (South Indian classical dance) training at age 4 from Vishal Ramani in San Jose. Venkateswaran embarked on her solo career in Chennai, India, giving a total

“Vishal Ramani – a guru whose skills are lasting – through these youngsters – a testament to her teaching abilities”,
Andhra Bhoomi, Hyderabad July2008

“…both dancers showed brilliant footwork, abhinaya, padavinyasam and control of Laya – greatly applauded by the over-capacity filled auditorium…”,
Andhra Jyothi, Hyderabad, July2008

“Anjali and Ramya vied with each other throughout the show, their excellent dance talents making the audience spellbound with superb footwork and abhinaya…”, Kamaneeya Kavithvam performance,
Eenaadu, July2008

“…Their exposition of “Brahmam Okate Parabrahmam Okate”, with stunning choreography by Guru Vishal Ramani, was a piece de resistance…”,
Eenaadu, July2008, Hyderabad

“…With their dances “Narayana Te Namo Namo” in Behaag Raga, “Okapari Kokapari in Karaharipriya, “Muddugare Yahsoda” in Kurunji Raga – proved to be scintillating and drew standing applause”,
Vaartha, Hyderabad, July2008

“…Their exposition of Annamayya’s Kirthanas – “Nallani meni Nagavu Choopula vaadu” of Lord Venkateshwara and “Alamelu Manga Nee Abhinava Roopamu” of the Goddess Lakshmi – was feast of their dance prowess to the eyes,…”
Surya, Hyderabad, July2008

“…Their particular dances “Alarulu Kuriyaga in Ragam Shankarabharanam and “Brahmam Okate in Bowli Ragam were to have to be seen for their footwork, bhava, abhinaya, rhythm & speed and are beyond ordinary description”…
Vaartha, Hyderabad, July2008


Saratoga teen poised, disciplined on and off stage By Marianne L. Hamilton Posted: 04/18/2011 07:32:00 PM PDT

“Natya Meghana is the latest flower to bloom in the Marghazai music and dance season. She danced the varnam exquisitely captivating the audience with the peacock steps and the ardhanariswaram was riveting”, Eenadu Telugu Newspaper article

Words (unsolicited) of Appreciation from Audiences
If you have the chance to see Nitya Venkateswaran perform, please RUN — do not walk – to do so. With beauty, grace and even some occasional high-spirited humor, Nitya dramatizes mythological stories of India through traditional Bharatanatyam dance, an engaging combination of footwork, hand gestures and facial expressions. Her wonderfully educational introductions to each dance, gives unfamiliar audiences the opportunity to fully enjoy the stories being told. Imagine my surprise when I suddenly realized that Nitya was not verbally telling me a story. Rather, by her introduction to the context of the story and the meaning of the movements, I could “hear” her tell me the story as she took me on a cultural journey though dance. – Cynthia del Rosario, Director of Office of Minority Recruitment and Retention, University of Washington, COE

“For youngsters(Ramya and Anjali) at such age, abhinaya speaks volumes….talents are superb…”, CEO, Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanams Bhakthi TV, July2008

“Convincing myriad of expressions and navarasa exposition – and so young….this talent(Ramya and Anjali) needs to be highly commended and nurtured further….”, Dr Shobha Raju, Annamaya Pada Kokila July2008

“Dancing in duo(Ramya and Anjali), perfect tala and synchrony”, Ottawa audience, August 2007

“Holding a riveted attention of a 4 year old continuously for two and a half hours, and adults alike – a journey in mersmerization – just plain beautiful…”, Vancouver audience, July2007

“…a grand performance, have not seen such a thrilling performance in Ottawa for many years – Bhakti Maargam performance, Ottawa, Canada August 2007

“Varunika’s Abhinaya and Nritta combined with her beauty was amazing that i cannot take my eyes off” – Kausalya Hart – Professor, U.C. Berkeley – Dept. of Asian Studies

“Your(Meghana Chakraborty) arangetram was a wonderful treat. Your speaking eyes, smiling face, electrifying “Pad-sanchalam” and above all the clarity of your facial expression was just amazing. All the episodes were very gracefully depicted.” – Shakuntala Bahadur (Hindi scholar/poetess and dance lover)

“I would like to commend Meghana on her taalam, precision and abhinaya and wish her a wonderful future in dance.” – PadmaShri Guru Adyar Lakshman

“Promising Budding Artist(Varunika Raja) and has the technique to put the audience to glue into their Seats” – Girija Seshadri – President Rasika Fine Arts, Chennai

“I was pleasantly surprised by Meghana’s poise and maturity and enjoyed the portrayal of Muruga in her Varnam.” – Danseuse Priyadarshini Govind.

“Adelaide has not seen a stunning performance as this over the last 20 years,” Triveni audience member

“The Trio, Anu, Ramya and Anjali were in perfect Synchrony”, Vinaya, Bharatanatyam Teacher, Adelaide, Australia

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Nitya Venkateswaran performance of Shiva Shakti at Ethnic Dance Festival, San Francisco 2005.