Shri Krupa Ambassadors

Shri Krupa Company Dancers have today evolved into Ambassadors of the art of Bharatanatyam, following the strict confines of the Tanjore Tradition. Since 2001, Invitations to Individual and Group performances at locations across United States, India, Canada, Australia and most recently, in Spain are a testament to the learning process at Shri Krupa Dance Company and a degree of commitment by each dancer. Regular performances by Shri Krupa Dancers in Chennai at the Margazhi Festival is a success level for each Dancer, where only the best perform. These “ambassadors” have given multiple Solo and Group performances across the world, achieving an unparalled distinction, winning praises of every audience member and applaud of keeping the Legacy alive. Other “Ambassadors” have taken up teaching of this art form, interested in keeping the continuity, the connection and thereby paying their respects to their Guru in this manner.

Artistic Director Vishal Ramani sums it up simply as: “I must say I’m very proud of them… They are very dedicated. They give their hearts out to the school and the keeping the Tanjore Tradition flourishing.”