Shri Krupa Ambassadors

Anjali started her training at age five and has performed in many Shri Krupa productions. She performed her Bharatanatyam Arangetram in August 2005 along with her sister, and continues to learn the beyond. Over the past four years, she has performed full length recitals: “An Evening in Bharatanayam” for the SaPaSa Society of Vancouver, Canada, “Bhakthi Maargam” for both Shri Krupa in March 2007 and for Manjari Sankurathri Memorial Foundation, Ottawa Canada in July 2007, and “Kamaneeya Kavithvam” for Shri Krupa in April 2008, “Kamaneeya Kavithvam” again at Ravindra Bharati, Hyderabad in July2008, “Yagnya Yathra” for Shri Krupa in August2009 and “Triveni” sponsored by Sruthi, Adelaide Australia in Dec2009. She has received a Certificate in Bharatanatyam, issued by the Alagappa University, Karaikudi, India. Anjali has performed in almost all of Shri Krupa productions since 2002 and across various venues across the Bay Area. Anjali is an Honor roll student at Notre Dame High School in San Jose.

Solo Performances

  • “Kalpana”, a Student Choreography Presentation by Yuva Bharati, 4:00pm, August 2010, Mission Center for Performing Arts, Santa Clara
  • “Triveni”,6:00pm, December 26, 2009, Burnside Community Center, Sruthi Adelaida, Adelaide, Australia.
  • “Yagna-Yatra (for life is… but a journey & sacrifice)”, August 8, 2009, Mission City Center for Performing Arts, Santa Clara
  • “Kamaneeya Kavithvam: Poetic Splendor (Selected works of Annamacharya in a Bharatanatyam concert)”, Ravindra Bharati, Hyderabad, India
  • “Kamaneeya Kavithvam”, April 12, 2008, Historic Hoover Theatre, San Jose.
  • “Bhakti Maargam”, 3:00pm, July28th, 2007, Manjari Sankuratri Memorial FundRaiser, Orleans Theater, Ottawa, Canada
  • “Bhakti Maargam”, 5:00pm, March 25th, 2007, Historic Hoover Theater, San Jose
  • “An Evening of Bharathanatyam”, 4:00pm, June, 11th 2006, Capilano College Performing Arts Theatre (Birch Theatre);2055 Purcell Way North Vancouver, BC V7J 3H5

Shri Krupa Company Performances

  • “SamarpanamII – The Next Generation”, September 11, 2010, McAfee Theater, Saratoga – A special dedication to the Art of Bharatanatyam and Guru Vishal Ramani
  • “The Rythmic Bells”, March 8, 2009. A ninety minute series of dances performed by 32 dancers at the grand opening of the De Anza College Visual and Performing Arts Center, Cupertino.
  • “Ramayana (“the legend of life and love”)”, Presented by Shri Krupa dancers on September 21, 2008 at McAfee Performing Arts Center, Saratoga.
  • “Thyagaraja Vaibhavam”, 6:00pm, September 23rd, 2006, San Jose Repertory Theater, San Jose
  • “Festival of Bharathanatyam – Part II”, 3:00pm, June 24th, 2006, Historic Hoover Theater, San Jose
  • “Festival of Bharathanatyam – Part I”, 3:00pm, April 30th, 2006, Historic Hoover Theater, San Jose
  • “An Evening of Bharathanatyam”, 6:00pm, November 27th, 2005, Historic Hoover Theater, San Jose
  • “Kala Chakra”, 6:00pm, October 2nd, 2004, CET Theater, San Jose
  • “Omkar”, Sep 28th, 2003, Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara
  • “Ramayana”, 6:00 pm; July 27th, 2002, San Jose Repertory Theater, San Jose


  • “For youngsters at such age, abhinaya speaks volumes… talents are superb…”, CEO, Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanams Bhakthi TV, July2008
  • “Convincing myriad of expressions and navarasa exposition – and so young….this talent needs to be highly commended and nurtured further…”, Dr Shobha Raju, Annamaya Pada Kokila July2008
  • “Dancing in duo, perfect tala and synchrony”, Ottawa audience, August 2007
  • “Vishal Ramani – a guru whose skills are lasting – through these youngsters – a testament to her teaching abilities”, Andhra Bhoomi, Hyderabad July2008
  • “Holding a riveted attention of a 4 year old continuously for two and a half hours, and adults alike – a journey in mersmerization – just plain beautiful…”, Vancouver audience, July2007
  • “…a grand performance, have not seen such a thrilling performance in Ottawa for many years – Bhakti Maargam performance, Ottawa, Canada August 2007
  • “…both dancers showed brilliant footwork, abhinaya, padavinyasam and control of Laya – greatly applauded by the over-capacity filled auditorium…”, Andhra Jyothi, Hyderabad, July2008
  • “Anjali and Ramya vied with each other throughout the show, their excellent dance talents making the audience spellbound with superb footwork and abhinaya….”, Kamaneeya Kavithvam performance, Eenaadu, July2008
  • “…Their exposition of “Brahmam Okate Parabrahmam Okate”, with stunning choreography by Guru Vishal Ramani, was a piece de resistance….”, Eenaadu, July2008, Hyderabad
  • “…With their dances “Narayana Te Namo Namo” in Behaag Raga, “Okapari Kokapari in Karaharipriya, “Muddugare Yahsoda” in Kurunji Raga – proved to be scintillating and drew standing applause”, Vaartha, Hyderabad, July2008
  • “Apart from dancing so well, enthralling display, to use dance as a medium of Service to the community, tells us all of the high ideals of these youngsters, may God bless them with a bright future…”, Dr Chandrashekhar Sankuratri, Manjari Sankuratri Memorial Foundation, July2008
  • “…Their exposition of Annamayya’s Kirthanas – “Nallani meni Nagavu Choopula vaadu” of Lord Venkateshwara and “Alamelu Manga Nee Abhinava Roopamu” of the Goddess Lakshmi – was feast of their dance prowess to the eyes,….” Surya, Hyderabad, July2008
  • “…Their particular dances “Alarulu Kuriyaga in Ragam Shankarabharanam and “Brahmam Okate in Bowli Ragam were to have to be seen for their footwork, bhava, abhinaya, rhythm & speed and are beyond ordinary description”… Vaartha, Hyderabad, July2008
  • “Adelaide has not seen a stunning performance as this over the last 20 years,” Triveni audience member