Our ensemble

Shri Ashok Subramaniam

- Shri Krupa Music Director, Singer, Composer

Ashok Subramaniam has been associated with the foundation since 1987. He was instrumental in setting up the Non-Profit 501(C) status for the foundation. He is a versatile and creative artist with an eye for unique thematic presentations staged by the dancer of the foundation. He is a very talented composer of both lyrics as well as music for many of the productions. He is the Chairman of the board since 1994 and continues to be the guiding force behind Shri Krupa’s growth in strength as well artistic endeavors. His most recent compositions premiered in 2008 for Shri Krupa’s 100th arangetram was a beautiful unique Varnam in Ata Talam on Lord Vishnu, in 2009 – a thematic study of Journey of Life in Shri Krupa’s Yagnya & Yathra, etc.,