Preethi Kishore

I , Preethi Kishore, am an enthusiastic post arangetram (2017) adult dancer at Shri Krupa dance company under the able guidance of guru Vishal Ramani since 2009 September.

What I love about my Guru is that she maintains the traditional style of bharatnatyam in all aspects. The Guru-Shishya parampara is maintained with close rapport with students, students can take multiple classes at or below their level , her wonderful world class choreography is tailor made for each student during arangetram, multiple unique dances are taught in a school year, lots of opportunities are given to perform on stage before and after arangetram, traditional costumes are always conformed to, all round development of student, no video recording hence increasing learning power and memory of student , school is open all year round and has a good culture where everyone bonds and is helpful to one another.

I am most proud of my teacher Vishal aunty, who has inspired me with her graceful dance and has always had me learning something new all the time .I always feel interested and engaged in the class. Vishal aunty uniquely teaches multiple choreographies for the same dance so we learn to be versatile.

She arranges for several workshops including Hasta abhinaya , nattuvangam, Nritha, nritya and natya, thala and yoga workshops.

She is very professional and conducts our arangetram along with top orchestras from India.

I am also proud of the Shri Krupa family for working so well together and enjoying their time in the school.