Samarpanam I

Shri Krupa Dance Company has set a unique trend in bringing innovative themes and programs to the stages of the Bay Area over the past 30 years. Among them the programs that stand out are Samarpanam I and II. Samarpanam – an offering, was produced and performed as a series, the first in January 1999 and the second after almost 12 years in 2010.

Samarpanam I was conceived by 7 senior Shri Krupa graduates who wanted to show their appreciation and gratitude to their Guru, Vishal Ramani, for imparting this art form. They decided to take the best and favorite pieces choreographed and taught by their Guru and present it to her as an offering. The students wanted their teacher to sit in the audience and watch what she had created. The students arranged the entire program, including rehearsals, working with the accompanying artists, and coordinating the production. They also choreographed one piece for their Guru, which was very well received. The show was and success and performed to a packed theater. Guru Vishal Ramani was extremely happy and honored by the gift from her students.

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