Shri Krupa Stars

Anjali has been learning Bharatanatyam from Guru Vishal Ramani for over the last five years and had her arangetram on August 28, 2010. Anjali resides in the Bay Area and currently is a middle school student from Fremont CA. Anjali has performed in numerous community events, demonstrations, and fundraisers of Shri Krupa Dance Company events. Anjali deeply appreciates her guru’s efforts in bringing out the best in her and guiding her in her overall development as an individual. Anjali enjoys dancing expressional pieces and aims to fuse theatrics into Bharatanatyam dance. Through this dance form, Anjali has grown to appreciate her ethnic culture and the underlying power of emotions. The mythological stories portrayed through dance have stroked her thought process and provided her a moral foundation. She aspires to be an accomplished dancer with captivating stage presence through her emphasis on artistic rendition of expressions.